No expensive equipment required

To create your own customized avatar, simply use your smartphone or webcam on the computer to capture the required video at home. No extra expenses needed.

Only 3~5 minutes footage needed

Just shoot a 3~5 minute selfie video. Stand or sit, you can capture the video as easy as usual.

Get a satisfactory avatar

Upload your video to Vidnoz, and your customized avatar will be ready in 1~3 working days. The lifelike HD avatar will be suitable for various video types.

Follow the video instruction, and customize your Al avatar easily

Capture and upload a speech video based on the following requirements.

  • <b>Quiet</b> environment. <b>Bright</b> and stable lighting.
  • Use a professional camera or mobile phone to capture <b>HD video</b>.
  • Fix the camera and keep the lens at the same height as your eyes.
  • <b>Clean background</b> in single color. The background color should be different from the skin, hair and clothes. A green screen is recommended.
  • Relax, and be confident. <span class="step-two-left-btn">Read this script</span> 📃 and record at least <b>1~3 min</b> of footage.
Check the script
  • Don't shoot with backlight and obvious shadows
  • Avoid big movements, such as head shaking and hand gestures
  • No covering on your face, such as: sunglasses, masks, long beard, etc.
  • No stitches or cuts to your footage. The original video is needed

Please shoot and upload consent video again

As a part of your video, we require you provide the footage of the actor/actress reading the consent script below to ensure we have their consent to create their digital portraits. Please be informed that the actor/actress should read in their mother language. Please choose the language below.

Consent script:

Don't worry about the style of the delivery, as long as the script is clearly stated by the actor.

Upload video

Upload video from computer

File uploaded

View Replace
The file should not exceed 1 GB

Upload from mobile phone

Please scan the QR code with your phone to upload the video

Upload Completed

We have received your video. The last step, please enter and submit the necessary information.

Avatar Name: 0/50
Avatar Gender: Female Male Other

If your video passes the review, we will generate your customized avatar within 1~3 working days. You can check the progress in Avatars -> Customized Avatar. We will send an email to you when it's ready. If the video does not meet the requirements, we will contact you in time via email.

Read the script based on the requirements below:

If you cannot read the following content in English naturally, please finish the reading in your mother tongue. The prompts in brackets < > are very important. You don't need to read them, but strictly follow the instructions in the brackets.

< Get ready, close your lips, and pause for 3 seconds before starting >

Once upon a time in a vast and colorful garden, there lived a little seed named Sammy. Sammy was a small and shy seed, nestled in the rich, brown soil beneath a tall and proud sunflower. Sammy admired the sunflower's vibrant petals and its towering height, and he dreamed of growing just like it.

< Close your lips, and pause for 3 seconds >

Each day, Sammy would peek out from the soil, looking at the world above and longing to be a magnificent sunflower. But, Sammy was impatient, and he wanted to grow tall and beautiful immediately. He complained to his friend, the wise old tree, about how slow his growth was.

< Close your lips, take back your hands, and look into the camera for 1 second >

The wise old tree smiled and said, "Sammy, growth takes time, patience, and hard work. To become a splendid sunflower, you must first learn to embrace the journey and be content with your own pace."

< Close your lips, take back your hands, and look into the camera for 1 second >

Sammy felt a bit better, but he still wished to be big and bright like the sunflower. He tried everything to speed up his growth. He stretched his roots deeper into the soil, and he even asked the rain to water him more. But, nothing seemed to work.

< Close your lips, take back your hands, and look into the camera for 1 second >

One day, a gentle breeze whispered to Sammy, "Don't compare yourself to others, Sammy. Each of us has our own purpose and our own path. Your journey is just as important as the sunflower's."

Sammy listened and decided to focus on what he could do best—absorbing the sunlight and water, and growing at his own pace. Day by day, Sammy's stem grew a little taller, his leaves became greener, and his roots stronger.

< Close your lips, take back your hands, and look into the camera for 1 second >

As the seasons passed, Sammy realized that he had grown into a beautiful sunflower himself. He had learned the true meaning of patience and the value of embracing his own journey. And, even though he wasn't the tallest sunflower in the garden, he stood proud and content.

< Close your lips, take back your hands, and look into the camera for 1 second. Shooting ended >